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7:45 PM

Clearance Sale.

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We are here to announce that knit.neat will be no longer be run as we will be going to further our studies pretty soon. And that leaves us with insufficient time to manage knit.neat.
To all those who have supported us all this while,
A very big thank you to you lovelies ;)
And to those who have constantly gave us your words of encouragement and advise,
We really appreciate all the feedbacks and opinions :)

To make things really simple for the benefit of all, we've decided to give you lovelies the chance to offer us your price. How fab is that ? It's not very often you get such incredible offers.
However, prices must be reasonable alright?

What are you waiting for ? Happy Shopping :)

7:53 AM

Wooden Tote.

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Solid wooden handle which is large enough to hold it in your arms :)

A rather spacious bag for the bare essentials and very versatile too !

The tote is covered with a canvas material which is durable and can withstand the weight of items placed inside the bag.

This is one very unique bag don't you think ? A wooden binded bag which is meticulously sewn and to top it all, the wooden handle of this bag gives it the classic vintage touch. A very detailed bag with intricate sewing and it's handy enough to fit your necessary items that we ladies usually carry. A different bag from the common hobos and huge carrier.
Price: Buy 1 for RM 45
Buy 2 for RM 84
Buy 3 for RM 120
Measurements: 11'' x 7''
Colours: Vintage Brown, Garden Green, Funky Red, Sultry Purple and Sunshine Yellow.
This is a pre-order bag and payment has to be done latest Friday, 20th Feb midnight.

12:41 AM


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We went vavawoom over this lovely pantsuit. Lovely eyelet designs which is just so feminine running as collar in which can be worn in so many ways; toga styled, off shoulder or just like it is. What a versatile piece ! And it's made of light cotton material for both top and bottom; very comfortable. Pantsuit just makes it so easy and spare us the headache of thinking what to pair the top with which bottom right ;)
Price: RM 46
Colour: Black
Size: UK 6-12
Status: Available
**Non restockable**

12:31 AM

Sweet Love.

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We all know how it's like to find our first love; and that was the very classic instance of how we felt when we first saw this piece. A very chic styled toga with a side zipper and contrasting black pipings that offers a flattering body hugging cut ;)

Price: RM 36

Colour: Yellow

Status: 2 pieces at hand only

** Not Restockable**

3:11 AM


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A trapeze dress with versatility. The hemline can be pulled up to create the bubble look or can just be left as it is! Made of quality cotton and you can accessorize easily with this stunning piece.

Size : UK6-12
Price: RM 46
Colour: Christmas Green
Status: Only 2 pieces

** Not restockable**

3:01 AM

Candy Bubble

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A batwing kimono top with lovely, lovely prints. This piece is made of satin and very comfortable; feels so light. It strikes as being bold and yet sweet plus the whole craze of kimono tops and dresses makes it even more appealing.

It is smoked back; no reason to say you can't fit ! Pump some joy :)

Size: UK6-12
Price: RM 42
Colours: Bubblegum Pink, Baby Blue
Status: Available

** Not restockable**

2:40 AM

Strap That

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Our very first piece after been on a long hiatus. A classy piece which is very versatile as it can be worn front and back :))) It looks gorgeous both ways; one side with the big bow sash and the other pleated side.

This lovely piece is Karen Miller inspired and you can own it at a fraction of that hefty price tag! It's available in two not very ordinary colours; mustard yellow and sultry purple.

Size : S ( UK 6-8), M ( UK 8-10)
Price: RM 44
Colours: Mustard Yellow, Sultry Purple ( reserved)

Availability: For each colour, only two pieces are available.

** Not Restockable**

2:24 AM


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A very simplistic but yet highly classy piece girls. The dress is pleated and is smoked at the back; do not worry it will no fit ! And to top it up, fantastic light material. And the cutesy ribbon clincher accentuates your waist line perfectly. We've the hottest IT colour of this season; fushcia :) Go grab one now.
Revised Price: RM 46
Colours: Stylo Fushcia ( SOLD ) , Enchanting Green, Coco bronze
UK 6-10
Inclusive of Yellow Ribbon Waist Clincher.
* restockable*

2:43 AM

Sailor Girl

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Loving the look? Perfect cut, wear it as either formal or casual; your pick :) And you know how to accessorize; leggings babes!

Revised Price: RM44

Material : Cotton (very comfy)

Size: UK6-10

Colours: Dusty Grey ( SOLD) , Perfect White

*restockable- limited*

2:19 AM


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Gorgeous and striking contrast, Perfect fit, Definitely classy and Hot :) Bask in the glory babes!

Revised Price: RM44

Material: Satin (wonderful feel); we assure you it's really of wonderful quality :)

Size: UK6-10

Colours :Sexy Red ( SOLD) , Alluring Blue (1st pic), Misty Blue(3rd pic)
Inclusive of waist clincher

*restockable- limited stock *

11:01 AM

Drench It Up

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This piece is the current in-look babes! Wear it as a jacket or jazz it up by wearing it as a trench coat. Talk about versatility. Definitely NOT the typical heavy and thick material type. Comes with Obi belt as well and tie it however you want; front or sideways.

Material: Cotton

Colour: Classic Black, Leather Brown

Size: UK6-12

Price: RM39